Music in the Making 2019


Music in the Making 2019
18. - 21. März 2019
Uferstudios Berlin, Studio 1
Ensemble KNM Berlin
KNM campus ensemble
„KNM CONTEMPORARIES - Music in the Making“ versteht Musik als offenen, kommunikativen und sozialen Raum. Vier Tage lang stellen sich die eingeladenen KomponistInnen und die MusikerInnen des Ensemble KNM Berlin sowie des KNM campus ensemble in öffentlichen Proben, Präsentationsrunden und Konzerten dem Berliner Publikum. KNM CONTEMPORARIES rückt Musik der jüngsten, internationalen Komponistengeneration in den Berliner Fokus. Sie setzt diese in Beziehung zu den markanten und kontrovers diskutierten Positionen von Joanna Bailie, Martin Hiendl, Stefan Prins und James Saunders.
Die Uferstudios Berlin bieten den experimentellen Rahmen für ein pluralistisches Forum heutigen Komponierens, Hörens und Diskutierens.

mit Joanna Bailie (GBR)|Martin Hiendl (DEU)|Stefan Prins (BEL) | James Saunders (GBR)

sowie Matti Heininen (FIN)| Anda Kryeziu (KOS)| Nicolas Kuhn (DEU) |Raphaël Languillat (FRA)| Giulia Lorusso (ITA)| Macarena Rosmanich (CHL)| Catalina Rueda (COL) |Stellan Veloce (ITA)

Ensemble KNM Berlin & Gäste
Rebecca Lenton, Flöte | Antje Thierbach, Oboe | Horia Dumitrache, Klarinette | Theo Nabicht, Bassklarinette | Laurent Bruttin, Klarinette | Alexandre Babel, Schlagzeug | Michael Weilacher, Schlagzeug | Prodomos Symeonidis, Klavier | Seth Josel, E-Gitarre | Theodor Flindell, Violine | Lisa Werhahn, Violine | Kirstin Maria Pientka, Viola | Miriam Askin-Götting, Viola | Cosima Gerhardt, Violoncello | Gabriella Strümpel, Violoncello | John Eckhardt, Kontrabass | Meinrad Kneer, Kontrabass |Andre Bartetzki, Klangregie

10:00 - 13:00 Öffentliche Proben
19:00 Präsentationen und Konzerte

Tagesticket: 12/7 EUR, Viertagesticket: 36/21 EUR
weitere Informationen und Kontakt:, 030/44359775

Facebook Event:  ☞ hier

18. März - mit James Saunders | Macarena Rosmanich | Raphaël Languillat

Macarena Rosmanich
Cenizas   2017
für fünf Instrumente

Macarena Rosmanich (Präsentation)

Raphaël Languillat (Präsentation)

Raphaël Languillat
crucifixion (perugino)   2015
für Flöte, Klarinette, Schlagzeug, Klavier, Violine und Violoncello

James Saunders (Präsentation)

James Saunders
we tell each other what to do but always listen to you     2016
multiple pairs of players and one other player (2n+1 players)

19. März - mit Martin Hiendl | Stellan Veloce | Giulia Lorusso

Laure M. Hiendl
Alles beginnt immer jetzt   2018/19
Solo für Violoncello und ELektronik

Laure M. Hiendl (Präsentation)

Laure M. Hiendl
tonus   2014/17
version für geige und kontrabass mit elektronik

Stellan Veloce
In Accordo   2018
für Streichsextett

Stellan Veloce (Präsentation)

Giulia Lorusso (Präsentation)

Giulia Lorusso
Floating flows flooding   2017/18
für Bassklarinette, Viola, Violoncello, Klangstrukturen und Elektronik

20. März - mit Stefan Prins | Matti Heininen | Anda Kryeziu

Stefan Prins
Infiltrationen 3.0     2018
für Streichquartett, 2 FX-Spieler und Live-Elektronik

Stefan Prins (Präsentation)

Matti Heininen (Präsentation)

Matti Heininen
Spettrale   2017
für Oboe, Klavier und Schlagzeug

Anda Kryeziu (Präsentation)

Anda Kryeziu
CO -   2018
für präpariertes Holzblasinstrument, E-Gitarre, Video und Zuspiel

21. März - mit Joanna Bailie | Catalina Rueda | Nicolas Kuhn

Nicolas Kuhn
4.1.   2012/13
für Flöte, Oboe, Klarinette und Klavier

Nicolas Kuhn (Präsentation)

Catalina Rueda (Präsentation)

Catalina Rueda
Walking   2019
für Altflöte, Englischhorn, Klarinette/Bassklarinette, Bassklarinette/Kontrabassklarinette, Violine, Viola und Violoncello

Joanna Bailie (Präsentation)

Joanna Bailie
für Kammerensemble und Zuspielband


Joanna Bailie
Joanna Bailie was born in London in 1973 and now lives in Berlin. She studied composition with Richard Barrett, electronic music at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague (NL) and in 1999 won a fellowship to study at Columbia University. She completed her PhD at City, University of London in 2018. Her recent work includes chamber music and installation, and is characterized by the use of field recordings together with acoustic instruments. She is also interested in the interplay between the audio and visual as evidenced by her works for camera obscura which include the installation The place you can see and hear and the music-theatre piece Analogue.

Matti Heininen
Matti Heininen is a Finnish composer of contemporary music. He holds a master’s degree from the Sibelius Academy, and is currently completing Soloklasse studies at the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover (HMTMH) with Professor Ming Tsao. His former teachers include Veli-Matti Puumala and Georg Friedrich Haas.
In 2016 he was a finalist at the Mauricio Kagel Composition Competition and in 2017 he participated in the Summer Academy Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart. His music has been performed by Trio Surplus, Uusinta, and hornist Christine Chapman among others. At the moment, he is composing solo works for bassoonist Antti Salovaara and organist Olli Pyylampi, and an orchestral work for the Finnish RSO.

Laure M. Hiendl
Laure M. Hiendl (*1986) is a composer and performer living in Berlin and New York. Their work is situated between concert music, performance, music theater, installation and other interdisciplinary realms, employing instruments mainly in interaction with electronic means, exploring the performativity of the space-time-body relationship in music as a live act – as a shared space in time between bodies for an event that is inherently theatrical. Their works have been presented at festivals and institutions like Impuls Graz, Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Ultraschall Festival, The Kitchen and Akademie der Künste Berlin. Their opera installation PARADISE was premiered at musikprotokoll / steirischer herbst 2016. Hiendl studied composition with Beat Furrer at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt/Main, with Roger Reynolds at the University of California San Diego and is currently pursuing a doctorate at Columbia University in New York with George E. Lewis.

Anda Kryeziu
Anda Kryeziu (born 1993) – Composer and interpreter from Kosovo. She studied at the Conservatoire of Music in Prishtina and later continued her studies at the Bern University of the Arts and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. She completed her master’s degree in piano with Konstantin Lifschitz, in composition with Dieter Ammann and later in Basel with Caspar Johannes Walter. The focus of her works emphasizes aspects of Politics, Existential Phenomena, Semiotics and intrinsic musical Perspectives. She inspects musical aspects in other media (while writing texts, directing videos, motion, and theatrical aspects) and merges them in her compositions. She is currently finishing her studies at Berlin University of the Arts in the class of Daniel Ott and in Electroacoustic Composition with Wolfgang Heiniger.

Nicolas Kuhn
Nicolas Kuhn (born 1989) studied composition and conducting with Mark Andre and Manos Tsangaris in Dresden and José M. Sánchez-Verdú and Rüdiger Bohn in Düsseldorf. He has worked with interpreters like Ensemble Recherche, Dresdner Philharmonie or Mobile Beats Ensemble. Pieces by Nicolas Kuhn were played in Münchener Biennale, Lucerne Festival Academy, Tonlagen Dresden, Kontraklang Berlin and within the ‘next generation’ program of Donaueschinger Musiktage. As a conductor he is mainly interested in the juxtaposition of repertoire pieces and experimental music. He conducted orchestras like WDR Funkhausorchester and Neue Philharmonie Westfalen and had the possibility to assist Matthias Pintscher and Simon Rattle within the Lucerne Festival Academy 2018. Nicolas Kuhn has received various scholarships and awards, most recently the scholarship of ‘Künstlerhaus Villa Waldberta’ (City of Munich).

Raphaël Languillat
Raphaël Languillat’s works question the disappearance of memory, concentration and spirituality, as well as the acceleration of time and the digitalization of our global society. As a composer and visual artist – especially photographer –, he recently combines his pieces with visual elements like staging, lighting or video in order to create immersive experiences and blur the boundaries between visual arts and music.

Giulia Lorusso
Born in Rome in 1990, Giulia Lorusso studied piano and
composition at the Conservatory “Giuseppe Verdi” in Milan
and in Paris where she attended the Cursus IRCAM and completed a Master’s degree at the Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP). Lorusso received commissions by The Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte (Turin, Italy) in co-production with IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik (Bludenz, Austria), Radio France and ProQuartet. Her music has been performed in Italy and abroad, such as at the Festival Milano Musica, Festival Manifeste-IRCAM, Tzlil Meudcan Festival (Tel Aviv), Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik, Tactus Young Composers’ Forum (Bruxelles) by ensembles such as Distractfold Ensemble, Quartetto Prometeo, Divertimento Ensemble, Ensemble Nikel, Brussels Philharmonic, Orchestra and Ensemble Intercontemporain.

Stefan Prins
In his compositional work Prins seeks to critique received convention, to break the framework of the usual, and dispose of aesthetic axioms. He envisions a musical art form beyond the safe confines of the »scene«, wherein the connection to the larger cultural discourse has gotten lost. A central pre-condition for the making of a new music with a future is the role of the aware, critical observer, one who is prepared to exploit the technologies and mechanisms of the prefabricated media with a view to their possibilities for new music. – Stefan Prins lives up to this calling. (Michael Rebhahn, 2012)

Macarena Rosmanich
Macarena Rosmanich wurde in Santiago de Chile geboren. Sie studierte Komposition an der Universität von Chile. 2016 absolvierte sie ein Exzellenz-Studium für Instrumentale Komposition an der Robert-Schumann-Musikhochschule Düsseldorf bei José María Sánchez-Verdú und an der Freiburger Musikhochschule bei Johannes Schöllhorn.
Ihre Werke wurden von mehreren Ensembles sowohl in Deutschland (Ensemble Musikfabrik und ensemble recherche), in Spanien (Vertixe Sonora Ensemble), in Chile (Compañía de Música Contemporánea), in Luxemburg (Ensemble Lucilin), als auch in Frankreich (Ensemble Multilatérale) aufgeführt.  Derzeit interessiert sie in ihrer Musik vor allem das Arbeiten mit Text. Die hier zu Grunde liegende musikalische Arbeit hängt mit der Verkettung von Handlungen zusammen, die sich aus einem Text ergeben. Sie bezieht in ihrer Musik alle literarischen Aspekte gleichermaßen mit ein. Macarena Rosmanich lebt und arbeitet seit 2011 als Komponistin in Köln.

Catalina Rueda
Was born in 1989 in Bogotá, Colombia. She studied composition with Manfred Stahnke and Gordon Kampe. Catalina Rueda´s music unites on the one hand the scent of music as a ritual, which colors and accompanies our loneliness, and on the other hand music as a science, where logical
structures search for beautiful possibilities of expression.
Catalina Rueda has had the opportunity to work with artists like Trio Catch, Ensemble KNM Berlin, Asian Art Ensemble, Lux Nova Duo, Mirror Strings and Kölner Vokalsolisten. She has participated in festivals like Darmstadt, International Summer academy Opus XXI and Acht Brücken music festival.

James Saunders
James Saunders is a composer with an interest in group behaviours and decision making. He performs in the duo Parkinson Saunders and runs the Open Scores Lab at Bath Spa University.
See for more information.

Stellan Veloce
Stellan Veloce is a Sardinian composer, performer and cellist living and working in Berlin. They compose pieces for acoustic instrumental ensembles focusing on timbre, repetition and density. They work as well on installations or performance art inspired pieces/situations. They are co-founder of the collective and online platform for intermedia scores Veloce works or has worked with composer Neo Hülcker, dancer/choreographers Sheena McGrandles and Julian Weber, visual artist Kyle Bellucci Johanson and performance artist Anaïs Héraud-Louisadat among others. Occasionally they work as a touring band member or in the studio with musicians like Dear Reader, Kenichi, Kat Frankie and Raz Ohara among others. They performed or their work has been performed at London Contemporary Music Festival (UK), Signal Festival (IT), Neue Musik-Festival Rümmlingen (CH), Dark Music Days and Cycle Festival (IS), CTM Festival (DE), Sound Acts (GR), Inact Festival (FR), BAM! Festival Berlin (DE) and elsewhere. After completing a degree in cello performance, Veloce studied composition at the Universität der Künste Berlin with Elena Mendoza and Daniel Ott and at the California Institute of the Arts with Ulrich Krieger.

KNM CONTEMPORARIES ist ein Projekt des Ensemble KNM Berlin in Zusammenarbeit mit den Uferstudios Berlin. Gefördert vom Musikfonds e. V. mit Projektmitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien. Das Ensemble KNM Berlin wird unterstützt durch die Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa des Landes Berlin.


James Saunders Joanna Bailie Stefan Prins ©LouiseLindenbolz Raphaël Languillat ©  Johannes Schmidt Anda Kryeziu Laure M. Hiendl © 2018 Martin W. Maier Giulia Lorusso Macarena Rosmanich © Dario Scandura Matti Heininen © Mikko Malila Catalina Rueda Stellan Veloce © Evelyn Saylor Nicolas Kuhn